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We believe that education is the most important asset to any person investing in property market.

How can you be sure you have enough money in retirement when sadly the average Australian is relying on the government pension of just a few hundred a week.

Fortunately, if you are a home owner between 30 and 55 years of age there’s something you can do about it. Property has proven to be the best investment to create long term wealth being Australia’s leading wealth creator, with more of the country’s richest individuals making their money in property than in any other industry according to BRW.

In 2016 alone did you know that Australia added about 43,500 new millionaires to its population of high net worth individuals? That’s about 120 new millionaires each day, many on the back of property holdings. Over time, the value of residential property typically rises though not always in a steady path. Like all asset classes, property values can experience short term dips as well as steep climbs, but the general trend is upwards. With the right education, planning, research and professional support you can grow a multi-million dollar portfolio and achieve real wealth through property.

We want to give you the best heads start in property, if you're just starting out, or you've been in the game for a long time. With the right help and education, you're able to make informed decisions on how to grow and manage your portfolio. Our team is here to teach you from basic strategies, through to more complex systems that'll help you for many years to come.

Our 10 steps to Wealth System are the central framework we use to assist our clients to build a portfolio of multiple properties:

- Set clear goals
- Financial Assessment
- Tax minimisation and asset protection
- Investment strategy
- Property Types
- Area Research
- Property Selection
- Portfolio Management
- Grow your portfolio
- Exit Strategy

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Building Wealth Through Property

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